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    We offer the best in racking systems, with a host of products to fit multiple operations.

    Browse a wide selection of racking systems and components from Carolina Handling, 包括护栏, 帖子保护者, 基板, 闩, 光线。, 和更多的.

    Below is just some of the rack and wire products we offer. 查看我们销售的品牌和商品的完整列表, contact one of our associates to discuss your needs and budget.


From Roll-formed and Structural to Drive-in and Cantilever, 我们有适合你手术的架子. We work with a number of brands and vendors to supply our customers with the highest quality pallet racking systems. Not sure which system will work in your warehouse? Give us a call today for a free evaluation of your facility's storage needs.

  • 结构架ing for Warehousing from Carolina Handling


    Structural Pallet Rack is highly recommended in warehouses that have a fast-paced environment, 如大型冷库设施, 饮料经销商, 食品处理仓库, 或者任何大容量的仓库. 结构架s can endure much greater impact from forklift equipment and offer more pounds per square inch.

  • Roll Formed Industrial beta365官网 for Warehouses from Carolina Handling


    Roll Formed Pallet Rack is recommended for retail stores, 商业, and industrial warehouses storing lighter weight products with less fork truck interaction. Roll-formed rack is less expensive than structural rack, and this lower cost provides a more up-front return on investment, while still providing the strength necessary for most applications.

  • 卡罗莱纳搬运悬臂beta365官网


    Cantilever racking offers efficient, organized storage of longer, oddly-sized materials. Available in a wide variety of sizes and capacities, standard and heavy duty cantilever racks present an assortment of storage solutions. Choose from a variety of styles for simple installation, low maintenance, and rugged operation.

  • 从卡罗莱纳处理托盘流beta365官网


    托盘流动架ing is a high density storage system that functions as first in, first out. This system works well for time sensitive products and a limited number of SKUs. Pallets are loaded from one side and gravity rollers transport them down to the picking side. On systems over 3 pallets deep, a braking system is typically provided.

  • 从卡罗莱纳处理推beta365官网系统


    推杆架ing is a high density storage solution that allows greater selectivity than drive-in pallet racks. Push Back是最后一个, 先出制, but multiple SKUs can be stored since each lane and level is accessed independently. Push Back systems can be designed to store up to 6 pallets in depth and multiple levels vertically.

  • Drive-In 托盘beta365官网 offered by Carolina Handling


    Drive-In 托盘beta365官网 is a high density storage solution that works well with food or product manufactures that have a limited number of product SKUs. Drive-In requires standardized pallets, and works as LIFO (last in, first out). Drive-In rack typically has a lower cost than other high density systems such as Push Back and Pallet Flow.

架保护 & 维修的产品

杜绝直立更换的循环, and eliminate recurring expenses attributed to rack repair. We offer products to repair, reinforce and protect your pallet racking systems. Below are just some of the many solutions we carry.

  • 仓库护栏 | 托盘beta365官网 Products | Carolina Handling


    可在中型和重型, warehouse guards rails protect your pallet racking, storage structures and other important areas from damage by warehouse equipment. 这些护栏的等级是10,以每小时4英里的速度撞击1000磅, and are available for 18" or 43" tall posts with all necessary hardware included.

  • End of Aisle Rack Protectors | 托盘beta365官网 Products | Carolina Handling


    These space-saving rack protectors are installed at the end of rack aisles. The unique design allows you to install the guards around the rack legs saving you space especially where driving lanes are tight. The low profile guard also saves space on your first pallet position. These rack protectors are ideal when space is limited.

  • 模块化安全屏障系统 | 托盘beta365官网 Products | Carolina Handling


    Build-A-Rail Guard Rails from Handle-It are heavy duty, customizable and easily assembled to protect property from damage due to impact. 建设铁路系统, two or three rails high by just stacking rail units one on top of the other, and can be coupled together to make runs as long as you want. 可在4,6,8和10英尺的长度.

  • Column Protectors | 托盘beta365官网 Products | Carolina Handling


    HDPE 塑料柱保护器 are designed to easily install around your warehouse columns and provide impact protection from fork truck traffic. They are highly visible and add a protective barrier around the column should an impact occur. The HDPE plastic construction is light weight with long lasting durability.

  • 正直的架 帖子保护者 | 托盘beta365官网 Products | Carolina Handling

    正直的架 & 帖子保护者

    Upright Post Rack Protectors and Shallow Profile Column Guards are designed to deflect impacts from forklifts, 托盘杰克, and pallets while they are being moved in and out of the rack bays. Rack protectors snap onto standard 3x3 rack uprights, and Column Guards come in a variety of standard and special order custom heights.

  • Floor Mounted Rack Barriers | 托盘beta365官网 Products | Carolina Handling


    地板上安装的障碍物 provide reinforced protection that is mounted flush to the floor. The flush design that is 12'' tall keeps product and forks from pushing through into pedestrian walkways or protected equipment. These barriers provide double the height of protection compared to typical guide angles.

  • 托盘架维修提供的卡罗莱纳处理

    Damo职业 & Damo可以

    The Damo职业 and Damo可以 are used to repair and reinforce damaged front columns. Each comes with a lifetime warranty against impact, 设计适合任何类型的beta365官网系统, 并且可以容纳多层梁. Damo products respect the original configuration of the rack while restoring the loading capacity.


  • 机架弯曲板和Damotech的Damo 王

    达摩弯曲板 & 王

    The Damo Deflex plate protects uprights from side impacts and abuse in drive-in tunnels as well as end of aisle applications. It is installed on the side of either a Damo职业 or Damo可以. The Damo 王 is used on new racking systems to further protect uprights and prevent damage from impact and abuse to the lower part of the frame.


  • 机架警卫提供的卡罗莱纳处理

    Damo警卫 & 超级后卫

    The Damo警卫 and 超级后卫 look simple, but looks can be deceiving. These well-engineered guards prevent damage on front columns, eliminate possible side twisting and fit on any type of rack. They're an efficient way to protect the most critical part of your upright: the first 24 inches. 36” & 48英寸可选.


  • beta365官网 结束警卫 and Guide Rails from Carolina Handling

    Damo指南 & 结束警卫

    The Damo指南 is used for narrow aisle entry configurations. It helps lift trucks follow a defined path, away from uprights. The Damo 结束警卫 is used to protect end of aisles against traffic damage. Both are adaptive in length to fit specific needs, and are made of 3/8" thick angle iron with stiffeners to increase impact resistance.


  • Pallet and 铁路塞s offered by Carolina Handling

    托盘塞 & 铁路塞

    The Damo 托盘塞 is used to protect walls or back frames against pallet impact at floor level, 标准长度为24 ". The Damo 铁路塞 is used to protect walls and back frames against pallet impacts at rail level. 两者都是由3/8“厚角铁. 其他颜色和镀锌面漆可供选择.



Carolina Handling offers a variety of wire products including wire mesh pallet decking, 线的容器, 工业用手推车, 安全的笼子里, 和更多的. Whether you're looking for reinforced shelving or just a place to lock up your tools and equipment, we've got the wire products you need for your warehouse.

  • 工业线架从卡罗莱纳处理


    Our wire mesh decking solutions are designed to provide additional safety for pallet rack applications throughout your warehouse or fulfillment center. We offer a number of brands and products for a variety of different uses; everything from 轻型 shelving to heavy duty racks. beta365的团队讨论您的需求.

  • 铁丝安全笼从卡罗莱纳处理

    分区 & 笼子里

    线 partitions are used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities for tool cribs, 设备的笼子里, 一般储藏区. Standard configurations are two, three, or four sided with an entry door to the caged area. 门可以配备钥匙锁, 键盘, 读卡器, 指纹扫描仪, 推动酒吧, 和更多的.

  • 工业推车由WorldCart


    Industrial rolling carts are perfect for retail and 商业 applications. They can provide a safe alternative to hand trucks and 轻型 托盘杰克 when picking orders in the warehouse and replenishing shelves on the sales floor. Available in a variety of configurations with optional shelves. 如图所示: WorldCart™来自WWMH

  • 线的容器 from Nashville 线产品, offered by Carolina Handling


    我们提供各种金属丝容器, 包括:折叠, 轻型, 散装, 托盘包围, 和更多的. All of the stock containers we offer have 4-way entry for easy use with forklifts, convenient drop gate design for easy access to products, and safety rating plates with static load capacity and static load height.

我们来谈谈Rack & 线

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